Hayley Theyers

Hayley TheyersSerpent's Tail and Heart of Quail.
Hayley TheyersMilk and Honey.

The photography of Hayley Theyers possesses a strange dichotomy between the artist’s un-subjective approach to photo-manipulation, with her deep relationship with the choices of shoot location and model.

Currently working towards a Fine Arts degree, Theyers has an innate talent with her craft, especially creating drama and melodrama and classical compositions. Her dreamlike compositions often bring mortality to the mind of the viewer. Taking the repertoire of the fashion editorial, Theyers photography uncannily transforms it to produce chilling, yet beautiful works. A powerful ability of Theyers is her exceptional negotiation skills with her subjects, eliciting models from family and friends.

In 2017 Theyers worked together with Phantom Billstickers to capture portraits of New Zealand’s best, but maybe not best known, musicians. Musicians of Aotearoa took place on billboards around the country and was such a success it was reiterated the next year featuring female-only musicians.

Theyers first exhibited at Black Asterisk during Black Asterisk Festival of Photography, and since has had two solo shows here, I too have been to Arcadia and In the Dark we are without her Empress Light, and curated the group show The Lovers.

"If you want provocation, Theyers provides; if you want to dwell in ephemeral spaces, you will find it here too."- Nina Seja