Holly Zandbergen

Holly Zandbergen: Climbing Rose.
Holly Zandbergen: Garden Passage.

Holly Zandbergen, an emerging New Zealand artist based in London is quickly establishing an international reputation for herself. In February 2016 one of her works was selected to exhibit with the Columbia readneedle Exhibition at the London Mall Galleries and at the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence in July of the same year. In 2013 she was shortlisted for the NZAAT Emerging Artist Award and took out the coveted ‘Best Young Artist’ Award in the UK’s National Open Art Competition, which exhibited at the Royal College of Art in London in 2015.

Building on both internal and external experiences, this young artist pulls viewers into a sensory intimacy through a fluid and gestural use of very thickly applied oil paint. Throughout the painting process Zandbergen is constantly dancing between bold moves and delicate responses to the paint, in the moment and serene, yet full of an intense energy. Zandbergen brings the full weight of her process and expression to bear in her paintings. Always open to the discoveries to be found in the bold application of oil paint on canvas, but is always mindful and poised to employ a more delicate brush stroke. It is her ability to mould abstract formations into deeply intimate, signicant, figurative depictions that seem to strike a sensory chord with the viewer. “I want to saturate the viewer’s emotional subconscious with these vivid river paintings,” Zandbergen says of her recent ‘The River’ series. “To feel the currents, murkiness and heaviness of the water pressing against one’s legs. These are the times of a miraculous past, where the river gave us excitement, joy and a place to escape.”

Graham A. Hunter of the Graham Hunter Gallery in London, who hosted Zandbergen’s first solo exhibition, ‘The River’ in March 2016 has the following to say about the artist: “Holly employs her technique with skill and intent, each stroke, rhythmic and self informing. She has the ability to pull you deep into the story but to then bring you up from the depths of paint, so you and your eyes rested upon a scene, serene and of the moment. You will be forever captured by its simplicity.”

Black Asterisk is pleased to present a small selection of Zandbergen’s works from the UK, including the NOA award-winning piece Emergence, with an exhibition to announce soon.