Patrick Tyman

Patrick Tyman: Paysage du Jardin (detail).

“As on a highly decorated sari, patterns repeat and echo within each composition.” - Patrick Tyman

People, place and identity are the driving force behind Tyman’s work. His detailed, bold and vibrant art works are strongly resonant of his multicultural upbringing; from India to England and finally to New Zealand. Since moving to New Zealand in 1996 Tyman’s work has been strongly influenced by the native New Zealand flora as well as the bright, rich colours of the South Pacific and tropical India.

Tyman uses the language of symbolism and allegory to give the objects he depicts a meaning greater than themselves; to give the viewer something to think about when they spend time with the work. Though the works are clearly shaped by his own rich multicultural upbringing and experiences, Tyman is clear in his wishes that the viewer construct their own meaning by bringing their own experiences into the exchange between viewer and artwork. The more you look at the work the more it seems to come alive.

Tyman works cross disciplinarily, primarily in screen print and oil painting, weaving imagery and colour into his works that reflect the cultures that have shaped his life.