Stuart Broughton

Stuart BroughtonThe Rescue.
Stuart BroughtonMy Red Orb.

In 1972, Stuart Broughton arrived in New Zealand aboard a passenger liner.

Prior to photography, Broughton's experiences working in the music business, magazines, art house cinema and even the Russian space industry, engaged, developed and inspired his innate visual sense. He studied photography and digital art in London at Thames Valley University, St Martins College and the London College of Printing and has worked as a professional photographer for various national magazines.

Sometimes literal, often representative, Broughton’s images take the everyday and elevate it without losing that element of the utterly familiar, creating a haute quotidian from the scraps and shreds of living. Elements are at once both known and concealed, viewers are invited to bring what they will to the photographs. Dreamy, occasionally nostalgic, fragments of the commonplace are recontexualised, these are old dreams and newly made moments.

From documenting the emotional and psychological effect of travel to the reinterpretation of the portraiture and documentary genres, Broughton's photographic works journey beyond contrivance and pretension and instead contemplate spontaneity and evocation.

Broughton has celebrated a number of solo exhibitions in past years, and is the founder and director of Black Asterisk.