After the Rain

Sep 17 to Oct 7
Max ThomsonCornwall Park I.
Max ThomsonCornwall Park II.

Black Asterisk is pleased to introduce Max Thomson’s latest painterly series; ‘After the Rain’ to the gallery this September. Images of banal parkscapes make up this collection of work, but far from dreary, these paintings are charged with luminosity. Inspired by the artist’s penchant for outdoor walks, these works are recreations of documented moments when the rain has come and gone, but the artist remains a solitary viewer of the beauty that is left behind.

Although the colour palette is reduced to natural tones, the works are full of freshness and the brightness afforded by a sudden rainstorm. Subtle details within the textures of documented plants and skilful nuances of colour retain the identity of each piece while retaining consistency. Their limited palette accentuates their cohesion, while at the same time placing them in a moment of stasis; enclosed in their own environment. The works in ‘After the Rain’ confront us as a whole portrait made up of multiple parts, though each work has been crafted with care. The viewer’s sense of space is disturbed by close cropping which eliminates the relief of a skyline or distance. Off-kilter composition suggests the image has been rushed, as though even the artist is keen to move on.

A sense of abandonment is lent to the works that show no visible signs of life other than the trees and lawn. Evidently the rain has driven away the leisurely flâneur, transforming the landscape into a secret garden, enjoyed by a select few. On closer observation the trees on view are foreign, non-natives placed in picturesque spots or rows amid the well-kept lawn. Designed by certain rules and restrictions, these man-made parkscapes - this imported Eden - is an ambiguous place, an atmospheric place; an empty place after the rain. Join us for the afternoon preview of ‘After the Rain’, Saturday 3pm September 19.