The Asterisk Light Show

Nov 7 to Jan 31

Art in the Dark, annually held in Western Park, is going from strength to strength, last year attracting over 40,000 visitors. A great event for the Ponsonby community, this time we're joining in with our own light show - a group show of works that are both light emitting and light reflecting.

As well as traditional technologies and materials, recent advancements have dramatically expanded the way artists use and think about light. As a medium it is completely transformative, having the ability to sculpt space and disorient perception. Light has an immediate physical, optical quality. It’s bright, it’s commanding, and metaphorically rich and it's coming here to Black Asterisk in the form of neon, gold, light boxes, and bulbs.

The Black Asterisk Light Show includes contributions from Tony Lane, Emma Bass, Carolyn Millbank, Catherine Carter, Stuart Broughton, and Carolyn Williams. We're switching it on for the 3 nights Art In The Dark is on, November 7, 8 and 9, and will shine until November 13.