May 14 to Jun 3
Ekarasa DoblanovicUntitled (detail).

Charging up our autumn with colour is Ekarasa Doblanovic's new work in the exhibition 'Chroma'. The exhibition runs from Thursday 14 May - Wednesday 3 June.

The series of works that make up ‘Chroma’, investigate colour and composition. A key focus for the artist is in how an image that incorporates three-dimensional aspects emerges through interaction between monochromatic and modular components. These components are deployed within an expanded field of painting; that is to say, within a field of activity which deconstructs the frame of painting and explores colour, surface and plastic values, in a spatial context.

The study aims to investigate colour and its manifestations; particularly in it’s potential to generate affective responses. The project’s main interest arises from a question; how the image in art emerges from visual-material relationships, and then transcends the bounds of the painted surface into pure sensation. The approach taken engages interaction between the formal and the playful, between rational planning and contingency, within sites of visual and spatial potentiality where intuition, chance and improvised response generate unique configurations

Ekarasa Doblanovic is originally from Croatia and is based in Auckland, New Zealand. She recently graduated with Master Degree in Visual Arts at Auckland University of Technology. Her creative practice encompasses painting and installation based practice with collaborative and participatory projects, mainly working across New Zealand and Australia. Ekarasa’s works embody a strong sense of materiality in which the tactile and haptic quality of colour and organic earth materials heighten the sensation and affect of colour and its material nature. Additionally her work investigates the collaborative and the participatory where notions of space, ecology, impermanence and human interactions are explored with the aim to create an empathetic interaction between people, art and nature.