Catherine Carter & Denise Batchelor
Jun 14 to Jun 24
Cathy CarterLines of Flight 3.

Through photography and moving image, these two artists explore the notion of convergence, a point where differential states or paths collide. Here, fluidity and suspension lead to the emergence of ambiguous elemental spaces that are simultaneously imaginative and sensuous, illusory and real.

The inclusion of both moving and still image become a metaphor for a digital revolution that continues to evolve, expand and impact our lives. Within this construct the photograph exists as a moment suspended, a moment of surrender that opens up an intimate place of introspection and contemplation. This has in itself value in a world that seems at times to be moving too fast.

There is an interest these artists share, in the tension between the everyday and the transformation to the experience of the sublime. Within this framework viewers may recognise and engage with physical states of vulnerability and destabilisation centered around water. These sites of disorientation allow a viewer to re-create and re-locate the body in order to explore perceptions of our existence and open up a place of immediacy and becoming.