A Curious Translation

Prue MacDougall
Oct 10 to Nov 5
The Living Unicorn.

Prue MacDougall presents 30 solar plate etchings that merge traditional and contemporary approaches to printmaking. Drawing on figures both fantastical and real MacDougall creates hybrid images that are both surreal and playful.

Each of the prints from ‘A Curious Translation’ were created for a solo exhibition in Cadaques, Spain, the home of Salvador Dali, as a result of winning the 32nd Mini Print International of Cadaques.

MacDougall references Dali in one print in particular. Salvador a chimera goat like deer, dressed in a matadors suit. Prue says ‘The Salvador in my print also has the Dali wild look in his eye and the iconic moustache.’

In many of her prints MacDougall also references contemporary life. In Swanning Around you see a woman highwire walker juggling knives, making it look easy. Here she comments on how woman today seem to easily juggle so many things in their lives. The print Roue, a play on Kangaroo and the French for a man devoted to a life of sensual pleasure, shows two young kangaroo headed women performing for the gold-chained reclining male.

The Living Unicorn is another example of the fantastical in Prue’s work. The unicorn is a symbol of Scotland, where MacDougall’s family hails from. It is said that the elusive creature can only be captured by a maiden. In MacDougall’s print you see young maidens performing on trapezes, dangling like lures above the animal.

Having recently returned to New Zealand, Prue will present a floor talk in the gallery at 1pm on Saturday October 19th on her work and experience at Cadaques and at IMPACT8 International Printmaking Conference in Scotland.