A dose of Vitamin Sea

The aquatic art of Niall Hamilton
Dec 7 to Dec 24
Niall HamiltonOcean Rays II.

Niall Hamilton explores the interplay between light and paint with the use of mirrors for his canvases. With the application of thin films of paint he treats the viewer to new depths of colour from both the paint surface itself, and the light reflected through the paint from the surface below. He takes advantage of this effect in an attempt to capture the light dancing on the ocean on a clear summer day.

Having emigrated to New Zealand from Scotland as a child, his first impressions of our country was that of endless blue skies, tropical lush vegetations, and golden beaches. This has stayed with him and his work strives to embody that sense of wonder, and stark contrast from the subdued grays of Glasgow.

Working full-time as a medical professional, Hamilton views art as a form of therapy – for both the audience and the painter. His current collection embodies the full spectrum of emotion from whimsical bird-eye’s view scenes to playing on the universal fears of what might lurk unseen in deep waters.