In Fine Feather

Prue MacDougall
Oct 9 to Oct 28

Using bird and kangaroo -headed trapeze-artist prints combined with chicken wire, pearls and crystal beads Prue Mac Dougall has created three-dimensional tiaras which are the basis to the most recent prints. A tiara symbolises being well dressed, in fine feather, in excellent appearance. Further whimsical images are derived using theatrical lighting forming dramatic shadows that create magical silhouettes. The shapes form characters that play their roll on stage or in a circus ring. Colourful and playful screen prints and etchings portray this fanciful world.

Preview: Thursday October 9 6.30pm

Exhibition: October 10 -28

* Celebrating Artweek October 10-19 *

Further details to come. Read more about Prue MacDougall.