Jill McIntosh
Sep 8 to Sep 26
Jill McIntoshWater/Light.
Jill McIntoshGlaze.

Preview Friday 6pm september 8th.

FLUID An exhibition by Jill McIntosh

In these recent works Jill McIntosh continues her investigation into alteration. The photographs and drawings show elements disordered through the flux of light, heat, liquid and air. Light becomes the conduit for the saturation of liquid on the surface. As in Jill’s previous works, the drawings and photographs operate on the horizontal and record movement on and just below the surface. In the drawings she records the multiple, random and chaotic play of light on water. In the photographs, the water and the liquid glass glaze acts to challenge our sense of surface depth and of the vertical. It is the fusing of these elements and the suspension of light that creates the fluid surface.

Jill McIntosh’s interest is in the autonomous way that the chemical reactions between fire, earth, water and air connect with light. She looks at the surface of water as continually altering, randomly but rhythmically in the natural world. There continues to be an interest for Jill in how we find order in the unpredictable world around us. For this exhibition, Jill has created a series of chalk pastel drawings and photographs that capture the constant change of light on water. In the photographs of glazed ceramic surfaces she looks at how the glaze reacts to heat on the clay and is altered through the firing process. She has drawn parallels between the ideas in the photographs and the drawings by depicting surface depth, alteration and light.

Jill McIntosh’s work investigates the space between ideas and processes. By training as a printmaker she developed skills in drawing and translation. Jill’s work reflects her investigation into ideas of alteration and random fluctuating events.

Born in New Zealand, McIntosh graduated from the University of Canterbury before setting up the Printworkshop at the Wellington Arts Centre. While a recipient of a Major Travel grant, she studied at the University of Wisconsin. As Education Curator at the Wellington City Gallery McIntosh edited Contemporary New Zealand Prints published by Allen and Unwin. Now living in Auckland McIntosh has completed her Masters of Fine Arts and her Diploma of Secondary Teaching at the University of Auckland. Her work is in the National Collection, the James Wallace collection and private collections.