Holding On and Letting Go

Beverly Rhodes
Nov 13 to Dec 2
Beverly RhodesHolding On and Letting Go.

"In ‘Holding On and Letting Go’ children are again the inspiration for my work.

Here the focus is on a child’s experience of risky play and the related emotional expression.

In these works a young girl is in motion, scaring herself and enjoying the exhilaration of nearly falling. At the same time she is also testing her ability and strength proving to herself and others that she ‘can do it’. Risky play is a natural phenomenon of childhood.

The colours used in these works are inspired by Wes Anderson’s colour palette used in his films such as ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’, ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ and ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’. Through the use of colour the intention is to create a feeling reminiscent of an earlier time, which may evoke in the viewer memories of their own childhood."

Artist statement by Beverly Rhodes

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