Feb 22 to Mar 31
Ekarasa DoblanovicMetastable Equilibrium.

Ekarasa Doblanovic’s pigment works explore how an image and spatial dimensions emerge through painting and the use of colour. Each piece uses colour experimentally, with pigment as the base material, the artist investigating the formal, spatial, plastic, and gestural qualities.

Doblanovic sees colour as an unstable factor - unsettling in its capacity to transform and, with its most impalpable yet gripping ability, to originate emotions and feelings that are in constant dialogue with the viewer. How the image in art emerges from visual-material relationships, but then transcends the bounds of the painted surface is central to the work.

Gesture is also fundamental to her artistic activity. Chance plays a role in the outcome, as the end result is not fixed, through a set of conditions a scene is created. A canvas becomes an arena for new emergent structures and relationships to become visible.

Ekarasa is based in Waitakere, Auckland and currently undertaking her Masters Visual Arts at AUT, Auckland.