May 12 to Jun 15
Ekarasa DoblanovicModulated (Detail).

Artist Statement:

"The question of how colour is perceived has cast its spell upon me.

The nature of colour is that of movement and constant fluctuation. In fact, because of how the eye perceives colour, it is possible that an actual colour can never be definitively seen or known: the tonal value of colour is always dependent on an external light source and surrounding colours. I am fascinated by colour and its manifestations. In its potential to generate affective responses arising from how images emerge from visual-material relationships, colour transcends the bounds of the painted surface, moving into pure sensation.

Cultural contexts of colour are of less interest to me than colours in their pure state, by exploring how colour articulates itself between feeling and thoughtful response, and between formal, tonal surface and spatial relationships I approach the physical mystery of colour and its primal abilities to play a role in human culture. In my paintings, colour is expressed through a journey of codifications to diagrammatic composition within a modular and spatial dynamic where the parts relate to the whole, where the “whole” is not only the sum of its parts but becomes also an entirely different entity.

Colour and painting are seductive in their simplicity and directness, as evoked through paint’s own virtue. For me, by means of pure colour speaking through its own voice, song and rhythm, I employ the parallel affinities, resemblances and resonances colour shares with sound. How these similarities might operate within a painting is an indirect result of each painting.

I find the roots of creativity in the very material qualities of the substances I use when painting. My working process engages interaction between the formal and the playful, between rational planning and contingency within sites of visual and spatial potentiality where intuition and improvised response generate unique configurations."

Ekarasa Doblanovic is a Croatian/Italian-born, New Zealand artist. She graduated in 2014 with Master Degree in Visual Arts from Auckland University of Technology. Her creative practice encompasses painting and installation with collaborative and participatory projects, working across New Zealand and Australia as well as internationally.

Doblanovic’s works embody a strong sense of materiality in which the tactile and haptic quality of colour and organic earth materials heighten the sensation and affect of colour and its material nature. Additionally, her work investigates the collaborative and participatory where notions of space, ecology, impermanence and human interactions are explored with the aim to create an empathetic interaction between people, art and nature.