Jackie Wilson & Vincent Bolletta (with film / installation by Jackie Wilson & Florian Habicht)
May 22 to Jun 5
Jackie WilsonVincent BollettaBook End I.

Mute is a photographic collaboration with movement in a desire to morph the body. Choreographer/dancer Jackie Wilson provides the brushstrokes for Vincent Bolletta’s photography which have produced images somewhat louder and more expressive than the title suggests. These images will be shown alongside short film/installation ‘Boxer’ which Wilson made with filmmaker Florian Habicht in 2005.

Vincent has had a career revolving around the body’s form and function through multiple body-work modalities but primarily through yoga. Prior to getting behind the camera, Vincent co-created a series of yoga photos in urban environments (Series A) with Marc Mateo which have been exhibited both here in New Zealand and also in the USA where Vincent has spent some time studying and presenting.

On completion of her contemporary dance training and taking on the many different styles of movement required, Wilson decided to let all of the training go in order to find her own physical voice. Like learning any language it was the challenge of finding her own character and expression within it that has driven her resulting performance work which includes solos and collaborations with the likes of lighting designer Helen Todd and filmmaker Florian Habicht.