The Natural Selection

A Photography Group Show
Jun 6 to Jun 19
Stuart BroughtonWhite Empire.
The Natural SelectionThe Natural Selection.

To celebrate this year's Auckland Festival of Photography Black Asterisk is staging a small photography exhibition in the main room. The works within The Natural Selection are connected through the theme of nature, with contributions from five photographers associated with the gallery. Tammy Williams' fearsome handprint 'Et Tu Brutus?' is shown below. Emma Bass contributes work from her successful series Imperfect II (more of which is on view upstairs for the duration of the Photography Festival). Cathy Carter, who has exhibited here previously during the festival, is revealing her latest organic themed work from her recent Masters show, alongside a piece by Stuart Broughton. Victoria James' botanical series Confined Commodity also features.

The Natural Selection runs, as part of our General Sales season, from Thursday June 6 to Wednesday June 19.