Past exhibitions

Jul 9 to Jul 30

Ephemeral Worlds

The art of Holly Zandbergen
Holly Zandbergen
Jul 9 to Jul 30

Sacred Fables

Gareth Price
Jun 2 to Jun 23

Communicating Vessels

Hayley Theyers, Mary MacGregor-Reid and Kate Rampling
Dec 7 to Dec 24

A dose of Vitamin Sea

The aquatic art of Niall Hamilton
Oct 17 to Oct 31

Bitter Harvest

Kate Rampling, Hayley Theyers, Sophie MacDonell, Erin Forsyth, Zaralee Lawrence, Gayleen Barnes, Lucy Dolan Kang, Paula Friis, Mary MacGregor-Reid, Sarah Rossiter, Esther Toclo, Laura Elizabeth Allen, Amber Star, Lula Fortune
May 31 to Jun 22

In the Dark we are without her Empress Light

Hayley Theyers
May 31 to Jun 22

Queens Street

Drag queens & friends – AK ‘70s. EXTENDED TO JUNE 22
Murray Cammick
Apr 27 to May 18

The Medium

Kate Rampling
Apr 27 to May 18

In the Blue

Max Thomson
Apr 11 to May 18

Figuring the Anthroscene

Catherine Manchester
Mar 8 to Mar 27

Listening to the Future

A solo show of Leon van den Eijkel
Leon van den Eijkel
Nov 8 to Nov 17

The Eleventh Hour

A handcrafted commemorative collection
Nicole Abbott
Sep 7 to Sep 26

Fantastic Fields

Hannah Melville
Aug 10 to Sep 26

Velvet Ghosts

Gary Freemantle
Jun 14 to Jul 18

Compositions Of Nature

Holly Zandbergen
Apr 19 to May 2


A group show of works on paper and ceramics.
Various artists...
Feb 14 to Mar 6

The Lovers

A sexy Black Asterisk group show
Kate Rampling, Rachael Burke, Hannah Melville, Vicki Charles, Theo Richards, Linda Gilbert, Pascal Harris, Louise Greig, Sophie MacDonnell, Kirsten Smith, Stuart Broughton, Hayley Theyers, and Christopher Young
Oct 5 to Nov 4

Arcadian Crumpet

Laura Williams
Oct 5 to Oct 24

Ludius’ Dream

Patrick Tyman
Sep 8 to Sep 26


Jill McIntosh
Aug 1 to Aug 27

AK 75 - 85

Murray Cammick
Jul 6 to Jul 29


Tony Lane
Jun 22 to Jul 4

Domain Paintings

Max Thomson
Jun 8 to Jun 28

Cave Colours

Gary Freemantle
Feb 17 to Feb 28


Cam McLaren
Nov 17 to Dec 24

Big Little Things

The Great Small Art Group Show
Holly Zandbergen, Tony Lane, Laura Williams, Michael Springer, Hayley Theyers, Patrick Tyman
Oct 7 to Oct 29

Black Asterisk Fifth Birthday Exhibition

Group Show
Aug 3 to Sep 4

Flash Cars

- Now Extended Until September 4 -
Murray Cammick
Jun 17 to Jul 6

I too have been to Arcadia

Et in Arcadia Ego
Hayley Theyers
Jun 17 to Jul 6


Black Asterisk Festival of Photography
Group Show
May 25 to May 29

Black Asterisk at Auckland Art Fair

Tony Lane and Michael Springer
May 12 to Jun 15

Taking the Pastiche

Laura Williams
May 12 to Jun 15


Ekarasa Doblanovic
Apr 8 to Apr 16

Cuba Street Revisited

Tony Lane Returns to Wellington with a Selecton of Recent Paintings
Tony Lane
Dec 4 to Feb 13

White Cloud, Golden Horizons

Veronica Green
Dec 3 to Dec 23

Paul Blanchard: New Work

Paul Blanchard
Oct 9 to Oct 28


Black Asterisk Sculpture Trail
Group Show
Sep 17 to Oct 7

After the Rain

Max Thomson
Sep 3 to Sep 16

Fourth Birthday Exhibition

Group Show
Jun 26 to Jul 29

Facts and Fictions

Tony Lane
May 14 to Jun 3


Ekarasa Doblanovic
Apr 23 to May 13

The Un-Naming of the Beasts

Michael Springer
Apr 23 to May 13

Up Pompeii

Laura Williams
Mar 14 to Apr 1


The Black Asterisk Festival Of Photography
Group show
Dec 11 to Jan 31

Black Asterisk Xmas Show

Emma Bass, Tony Lane, Chris Moore, Ekarasa Doblanovic, Prue MacDougall, Beverly Rhodes, Ann Braunsteiner
Nov 20 to Dec 9

Man Alive

Ewan McDougall
Nov 13 to Dec 2

Holding On and Letting Go

Beverly Rhodes
Oct 30

Imperfect - Book Launch

Emma Bass
Oct 9 to Nov 8

New Work

Emma Bass
Oct 9 to Oct 28

In Time Like Glass

Tony Lane
Oct 9 to Oct 28

In Fine Feather

Prue MacDougall
Aug 20 to Aug 31

General Sales

Jun 5 to Jun 25

Coming of Age

Jane Simcock
Jun 5 to Jul 12

Twee Peaks

Laura Williams
May 15 to May 31

Where Is My Home

Miriam Cameron
Feb 22 to Mar 31


Ekarasa Doblanovic
Feb 22 to Mar 31


Nicole Charles
Dec 21 to Jan 31

Black Asterisk Xmas

Dec 5 to Jan 31


Victoria Cassells
Nov 14 to Dec 4

Off The Wall

Ewan McDougall
Nov 7 to Jan 31

The Asterisk Light Show

Oct 23 to Nov 6


Ann Braunsteiner
Oct 10 to Nov 5

A Curious Translation

Prue MacDougall
Sep 27 to Oct 9


Dan Won
Sep 12 to Sep 25


Beverly Rhodes
Aug 29 to Sep 11

Second Birthday Exhibition

Aug 15 to Aug 28

Small Talk

Lex Benson-Cooper
Aug 1 to Sep 7


Paul Blanchard
The Wilderness by Tony Lane
Aug 1 to Aug 14

Sol y Luna

Tony Lane
Jul 18 to Jul 31

The General Sales

Jul 5 to Jul 17

A Shift

Jill McIntosh
Jun 20 to Jul 3


Jim Gaunt
Jun 6 to Jun 19

The Natural Selection

A Photography Group Show
May 30 to Jun 19

The General Sales

May 9 to May 29


Colin Luxton
Apr 18 to May 8

Imperfect II

Emma Bass
Apr 4 to Apr 17

Code and Reverie

Linda Roche & Carolyn Williams
Mar 7 to Mar 27

We Must Inhabit This Place

Tony Lane
Feb 19 to Mar 5


Figurative sculpture by Chris Moore
Feb 8 to Feb 18

Pride Festival Exhibition

Group show
Nov 22 to Dec 24

Wild Things: Art for the imaginations of children

Group show
Aug 2 to Aug 12

Presence In Absence

Photography group show
Various artists
Jul 12 to Jul 31


Victoria Cassells
Jun 14 to Jun 27

Negotiating The Non-Place

Lisa Chandler
Jun 14 to Jun 24


Catherine Carter & Denise Batchelor
Jun 6 to Jun 13

Fabulous Darling

The Elizabeth Hardwick Smith Memorial Group Exhibition
May 23 to Jun 5

The Players

Graeme Hitchcock
May 22 to Jun 5


Jackie Wilson & Vincent Bolletta (with film / installation by Jackie Wilson & Florian Habicht)
May 4 to May 20


Emma Bass
Apr 20 to May 3

Sideshow Emporium

Simone Anderson
Apr 5 to Apr 19

Strange Attractions

Melinda Butt
Mar 22 to Apr 4

Photographs I

Tracy Porteous
Dec 13 to Dec 24


Seasonal group show
Nov 25 to Dec 11

Notes from a New York Travel Diary

Jane Simcock
Sep 29 to Oct 12

Annie Get Your Gun

Barbara Smith
Sep 8 to Sep 28

The Floating

Stuart Broughton