Sol y Luna

Tony Lane
Aug 1 to Aug 14
The Wilderness by Tony Lane
The Wilderness.
Black Hills.

'Sol y Luna' is an exhibition of Tony Lane's most recent painting.

Central to Tony Lane’s work is the tactile nature of painting. In an environment where we are so bombarded with digital images, Lane’s work sits at the other end of the spectrum. They are fixed, tangible objects, offering up the visual in a manner you can grasp.

In these pieces the scale and form are more closely related to contemporary painting yet the treatment of the work itself, with borders of gold leaf and schlagmetal, hints at the sacred and recalls the tradition of early Gothic and Renaissance painting. As Lara Strongman states, there are ‘simultaneous conversations’ in Lane’s work that bridge half a millennium.

Simultaneous conversations are happening between places, too. In Black Hills, for instance, the burnt ground could at once recall volcanic New Zealand vistas or the arid landscape of southern Spain, an environment that has influenced Lane considerably.

There is a strong visual language in the works - bands that sit like halos above the mountains further evoke notions of the sacred, cabinets or benches imply there is a human presence in the vacant landscapes, and in Black Hills we see two forms like speech bubbles on each side of a divided ground as if they are conversing. The paintings are again returned to the notion of conversation, where each part informs the next.

Lane is currently working towards an exhibition in Spain next year, consisting of work from this exhibition. 'Sol y Luna' runs from the opening launch August 1st at 6.30pm, until August 14th.