Strange Attractions

Melinda Butt
Apr 5 to Apr 19
Melinda ButtD Swann.

Melinda Butt’s new body of work is an illustration of energy, which incorporates the virtues of abstract expression.

Clues to these energies and virtues are firmly posited in the name given to her body of work “the title alludes to ‘Strange Attractor’ and chaos theory, the notion of intangible forces. It's also a reference to my new style of expression and my overall passion to be a painter. To be drawn in a new direction is strange, inspiration itself is a type of strange attractor. The desire to be an artist regardless of the craft is unexplainable to many.”

Through a soothing aesthetic, which offers escapism, and a vast scope for interpretation, Melinda presents paintings that are a challenge with charm. “My aim has always been to provide a range of emotions through visually pleasing work and simplicity is a great vehicle for delivering that motive” explains Butt “The economy of the imagery allows the work to communicate very purely and directly.”

This is work from the mind’s eye, with its own laws of development and acknowledging subconscious processes in artistic creation. “I wanted to incorporate a fluid, lyrical effect, through the suggestion of movement. I feel passionate about grace and beauty on an aesthetic level as these qualities transcend culture and history and offer a multitude of visceral responses.”

For many years Melinda has been an aficionado of Carl Jung’s theories in relationship to Art and Life, for the impact of dreams, imagination, and giving expression to and harmonising the various components of the psyche. “With this collection I feel I have incorporated these notions into my art in a new vibrant way.”

Melinda is from Waimauku and currently based at Muriwai. She is greatly influenced by the landscape from the rural hills to the dramatic sea and shore. Always looking to expand her knowledge and experience she will be partaking in a residency at Bundanon Trust in NSW in May.