Taking the Pastiche

Laura Williams
May 12 to Jun 15
Laura WilliamsAt a Glance (Detail).

Sophisticated kitsch paintings of cultural phenomena, ‘Taking the Pastiche’ showcases a recent absorption in memory and image which drives Laura Williams towards her most refined and focussed exhibition to date. The impetus for this recent collection of works is summed up by philosopher and cultural critic Walter Benjamin in two statements; one - the past can be seized only as an image flashing up at the present moment and never seen again; and two – every passion borders on the chaotic, but the collector's passion borders on the chaos of memories.

Her take on Benjamin’s theory is that memories are like a palimpsest: a faded transcript which we try to restore but inevitably renovate. The thesis for this collection of works is a pictorial reconstruction of past inspirations. A hoarded recollection: a pastiche of artists, writers, periods, designers, objects, and the once desired; that have been pictorially archived in imagined rooms.

Laura Williams is an Auckland based emerging artist, her painting career began in earnest only six years ago. Since then she has been represented by Nick Kreisler Gallery in Melbourne, Lesley Kreisler Gallery in New Plymouth and at the Outsider Art Fair in Auckland, 2014.