Twee Peaks

Laura Williams
Jun 5 to Jul 12
Laura WilliamsFicus.

We have great pleasure in introducing to you the work of Laura Williams. Her body of work called 'Twee Peaks' is as kitsch, campy and offbeat as the appropriated title suggests. 70s wallpaper, Graeco-love scenes, and faux Picasso's adorn the canvas and board works. The images are full, vivid and vital, humorous and refreshing.

On her method of working William's states, "I have always painted what is within my immediate view: sort of like a hoarders version Andrew Wyeth's Christina's World. The result is a visual record of items collected from childhood through to present: books, magazines, bric-a-brac, ceramics, wallpaper, pictures and fabric."

The small collection will be up in our back room alongside Jane Simcock's 'Coming of Age' from June 5th.