White Cloud, Golden Horizons

Veronica Green
Dec 4 to Feb 13
Veronica Green White Cloud, Golden Horizons (Detail).

Show Extension: 'White Cloud, Golden Horizons' will now be at Black Asterisk until Saturday 13 February. Summer hours are Thursday to Saturday, 12-5pm.

Coming to Black Asterisk to kick off the festive season, Veronica Green presents ‘White Cloud, Golden Horizons’ in her debut exhibition with us.

‘White Cloud, Golden Horizons’ will be a bright conclusion to the year, featuring Green’s trademark luminosity combined with allegorical allusions. Hailing from Italian and Polish heritage, this New Zealand-born artist is well used to navigating the spaces between cultures and contexts; a space which her paintings also inhabit. The paintings combine a symbolic language derived from cultural capital with open spaces and dream-like landscapes. Phosphorescent paint is used to draw attention to both real and fictitious elements of the works as the canvas is transformed by the presence or lack of light. Her works communicate on various levels of interpretation and formal realisation: in daylight nature emerges in a poignant yet deceptive landscape, but in darkness a different scene of dreamy allure develops. Light becomes the key element to the work as it encompasses the space around it to engage the viewer in a continuous state of flux between immersion and emersion, creation and science and allows us to engage in our own beliefs. The resulting works vary between idyllic, surreal and unnervingly quaint. Pictured: 'White Cloud, Golden Horizons' (detail), Mixed Media & Phosphorescent, 2000x3000mm, 2015.

Join us for the exhibition preview Thursday 6.30pm, December 3.