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Feb 2 2019
Come and find something that sparks joy! Fill the post-Christmas (or post-Tidying Up with Marie Kondo) empty feeling with one (or more!) of our joyful works, so that we can make space for even more.
Aug 17 2018
Black Asterisk is pleased to welcome Hannah Melville with an exhibition of her works, Fanstastic Fields.  Volcanos are crucibles melting experiences, bold lovers are painted on Grecian urns, amphibious females emerge from the foliage….
Jul 20 2018
+ NOW EXTENDED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 26 + “Subtle haunting images” Such words are hardly found in descriptions of velvet paintings, and yet are aptly given to Gary Freemantle’s works.
May 29 2018
‘Holly employs her technique with skill and intent, each stroke, rhythmic and self informing. She has the ability to pull you deep into the story but to then bring you up from the depths of paint, so you and your eyes rested upon a scene, serene and of the moment. You will be forever captured by its simplicity.’
Apr 7 2018
We have a new group show starting soon, our first exhibition of the year. Eight local artists of varying practices have been brought together for this group show. They are; Alma Proença, Emma Paton, Kohl Tyler-Dun-shea, Richard Darbyshire & Rosie Parsonson, Sheryl Koegh, Strahan Clarke, and Tony Lane.
Aug 8 2017
The original version of this story was written for RipItUp Sept 2000
Jul 1 2017
Timaru Herald, KOREN ALLPRESS, June 6 2017. Holly Zandbergen sitting next to her painting Chalky Island, Fiordland at the Aigantighe Art Gallery ahead of her upcoming exhibition Terrain. A Timaru artist's paintings will gain global exposure when they are displayed in Seattle, London and Toronto later this year.
Jan 28 2017
We're looking forward to Gloriavale by Cam McLaren, our first major show of 2017. From impressive access into this closed religious group come entrancing black and white photographs depicting the everyday life of this community; domestic interiors, social activities, and quiet moments of solitude.
Aug 11 2016
Laura Williams has been featured in a double page interview with Anabela Rea in last week’s Sunday Star Times “Inspire” magazine. The conversation glides between her home life and painting studio, from 60s floral curtains to Gainsborough. It’s not often that we get to peek into the world that foregrounds an artist’s practice.
Jul 28 2016
We've been gearing up for our upcoming exhibition 'Flash Cars', a collection of works dating from 1974 to 1981 by local photographer Murray Cammick.