Adam Portraiture Touring Exhibition

Apr 30 2014

Black Asterisk is pleased to announce that Ewan McDougall’s ‘Self with Stoma and PCA’ will be part of the travelling show for the 2014 Adam Portraiture Awards.

Regulars may be surprised by McDougall’s piece in the awards. Staying with the vibrant, almost lurid, palette that is characteristic of his work, McDougall in this self-portrait opts for a more realist style in an all out and exposing look into the artists life. McDougall shares his ideas behind the work below,

“The big painting 'Self with Stoma and PCA' (Patient Controlled Analgesic) is a work completed from a photograph soon after leaving Dunedin Hospital, where I had a major operation for cancer in December, 2012.

It channels the pain which was mostly held at bay by generous doses of morphine, the anxiety of waiting for the 'life or death' prognosis and the 'dark night of the soul' that I endured the day before I finally began to recover.

It is a work about survival, but was only possible because of the wonderful and brilliant people at the hospital and my darling Sarah, who effectively cured me.

All of my work exposes a little of me. This one exposes all.”

The work, and the sixty others that will be on show, have been chosen from a selection of over three hundred, each showing the vast array of styles and approaches to portraiture. The travelling exhibition is not to be missed. If you’re in Wellington head to the New Zealand Portrait Gallery before May 25th, and for all of the Auckland residents the show is making its way to the Pah Homestead on June 17th, on display until August 17th.