BAFOP is coming!

Feb 27 2015

Coming to the gallery Saturday 6.30pm, March 14, is the inaugural ‘Black Asterisk Festival of Photography’, otherwise known as ‘B.A.F.O.P’. Photography has always been popular at B.A, so it is high time we consolidate this interest and throw a festival which we hope will continue as an annual event. All six exhibition spaces will be dedicated to upcoming and established artists who will be showing new works or selections from their larger collections of work.

One series that we will take a peek at will be Rebecca Frogley’s ‘Everything Is Possible Except That Which Is Deemed Impossible By The Nature Of Things’. This collection exists between scientific images and art photography, seeking to employ the curiosity of art-based research to fully communicate science’s austere and stern disciplines. We’ll be showing off a couple of works from her upcoming exhibition, one of which Invisible Field is shown above.

B.A.F.O.P kicks off on the same night as the Auckland Art Festival’s White Night, our neighbouring galleries will also have some excitement in store that evening. The exhibition will run until Wednesday April 1st.