The Black Asterisk Xmas Show

Dec 16 2014
Our last exhibition of the year, The Xmas Show will feature works by Prue MacDougall, Ann Braunsteiner, Chris Moore, Emma Bass, Tony Lane, Ekarasa Doblanovic and Beverly Rhodes.

The exhibition will be on show from December 11th and the big celebration/Christmas party will be at 6.30pm Thursday December 18th.

From delicate works on paper to bronze sculpture; this show has something for everybody.

Ann Braunsteiner is returning to the gallery with a collection of loose, yet refined drawings. Using mixed media over collage, her compositions are unmistakeably design oriented, yet they retain hints of neo-expressionism in their defaced figures.

One of Emma Bass’s floral portraits, 'New Zealand Native Bouquet1.43pm' pictured above, will also be gracing the walls for the first time. The work hails from her much-loved Imperfect series and has a decidedly summery feel.

Ekarasa Doblanovic, Beverly Rhodes, and Prue MacDougall will be on display with a number of new works on paper.

As well as two-dimensional wall art we will be showing 'Competitive/Cooperative', a bronze sculpture by Chris Moore, which he has dubbed his “election year special”.

And lastly, we are very excited to be showing a suite of ceramic works by Tony Lane. Many painters are lured to ceramics by the luminous glazes and layers of colour that it can create. Tony’s pieces play on the parallel between painting and ceramics, especially enjoying the unpredictability of the medium.

See you here!