Dual Opening: Michael Springer and Laura Williams

Apr 18 2015

Black Asterisk is looking forward to a big night this Thursday. Join us for the double opening of Michael Springer’s Auckland debut, ‘The Un-Naming of the Beasts’, as well as Laura Williams’ latest show, ‘Up Pompeii’.

Following his January show: 'Searching for the God Particle' at Eastside gallery in Christchurch, Michael observed: “a lot of people turned up, they made nice comments and I’m happy. Bill Hammond bought one painting; it had a bit of Birdlings in it. But I find openings a bit weird because you have expectations, there are lots of people, it’s probably as much socialising as I do in a year.” Expectations and anxieties aside, we’re excited about giving these works the limelight they deserve.

Laura’s intricate habitats are worlds apart from their ground floor companions, which luckily lets them retain their individual strength. While Springer incorporates pre-historic methods and archetypal characters into his work, Laura Williams creates a myriad of references with her interior worlds. Dutch memorabilia, Greek ceramics and reproductions of Picasso or Lowry; each of Williams' paintings is a tissue of quotations. Both domestically comforting and voyeuristic, these delicately painted works unnerve and intrigue.

Join us Thursday 6.30pm, April 23 as we celebrate the hard work of two dedicated artists.