Introducing Carolyn Milbank

Jul 12 2013

Carolyn Milbank is an artist who develops ideas through a sculptural practice using a diverse range of media; resin, wax, plaster, wood, slip cast clay, fabric, paper, photography and drawing. We have a small selection of her resin and cast porcelain works here at the gallery now, such as Retreat pictured below.

The works by Milbank model the inside space of simple dwellings. The outline of the bach is used as a paradigm to create objects which represent the simplicity of living in a rudimentary home. Whilst we explore a new dwelling we carry the experience of a former living space in our minds, small wax forms or leaves encased in the resin are symbols of the memory. In Retreat the forms represent a cluster of baches perched on a cliff or nestled in a bush - a space for solitude and daydreams. The artist states,

"These works explore a particular area of interest – the investigation of the space we inhabit and the sense of place developed over a period of time. The structure of the spaces we immerse ourselves in while living or traveling as examples of what Michel Foucault described as heterotopia, ‘a space that moves from place to place yet remains essentially intact and unaltered by a new environment’."

In 2004, she completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Sculpture, Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts, followed by an MFA from RMIT University in Melbourne in 2007. A recipient of a Manukau City Scholarship, RMIT University Grant, MCC OBJECTive Award 2008 & 2009, Wallace Gallery Morrinsville 2012, and member of Mercury Bay Art Escape 2013, with works exhibited in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the Netherlands.