Introducing Sean Crawford

Apr 26 2013

Just in, and just up, taking pride of place on one of our chimneys is 'Leaving Wallflower' by Sean Crawford. A Wairarapa based artist, Sean Crawford's work often examines the NZ Gothic.

'Leaving Wallflower' brings together components that share a relationship that could be considered as being one. These play out like a Victorian era novel, that Jekyll and Hyde duality of personality. "(Leaving Wallflower') is almost a story that can transcend the Victorian - I find that the Gothic can exist in multiple eras within the one piece. A classic New Zealand tale of the 1960s, the rural dance in the local hall - one male sings to woo the ladies while the other broods in its hulking masculinity fixed to the extremities as a wall flower." Other works by Crawford have recently been exhibited at NZ Sculpture On Shore. 

The work is in powder coated cut steel with taxidermy. Dimensions are 1000w x 1000h x 800d.