Lex Benson-Cooper At Black Asterisk

May 2 2013

Napier based artist Lex Benson-Cooper is now showing at Black Asterisk. Benson-Cooper’s works jump from, and incorporate, different elements of expressionism, abstraction, and surrealism yet are grounded by a consistent figurative presence. They are experimental, playful, and witty drawing inspiration from mediums such as television, poetry and cinema. Rendered in oil, with a textural and glossy surface, the works often act as wry commentary on modern society and controversies in the media. For example, the feline vs. bird debate is addressed in Bye, Bye Blackbird, which acts as 'a personal extension to Gareth Morgan’s dialogue’ and Blogger portrays the idea that the Internet carries with it a platform for mundane issues. 

Benson-Cooper has exhibited throughout New Zealand since 1990, as well as in Sydney and Spain, with work in several collections throughout the world. We currently have four oils on canvas works in the gallery (such as 'Blogger' detail, shown below), with an exhibition promised for around September,