A migration - a few words on Tony Lane

Aug 13 2013

“Lane’s practice, like his favoured symbols of infinity, frequently comes back upon its own nature. Over the last decade he has established a personal image bank of motifs that are recycled and transformed from image to image, appearing in new combinations. One of the most rewarding aspects of a study of his work is tracking the migration of his symbols: watching as the folds of an altar-cloth become the bones of a mountain range, while single stigmata are strung together as necklaces and later return to the form of wounds in the canvas; and watching as trophy antlers from the public bar are re-invented as spiky tree branches and a crown of thorns. As the work slips between religious and secular readings, its reason for production remains constant. Lanes images are vessels for the projection of human memory and desire. They speak to people across national borders and across time zones, small islands of constancy floating in a vast global sea of cultural equivocation”

From the essay by Lara Strongman, “Miraculous Objects- Tony Lane”, Ouroborus Publishing 2002 (Illustrated Catalogue)

Tony Lane's latest work featured in 'Sol y Luna' has received much praise over the past couple of weeks. This preview of new paintings closes tomorrow, August 14. Selected works will go towards a show in Spain next year, these and others can be viewed upstairs at the Asterisk.

The Wilderness by Tony Lane