A new group show at The Asterisk

Apr 7 2018

We have a new group show starting soon, our first exhibition of the year.

Eight local artists of varying practices have been brought together for this group show. They are; Alma Proença, Emma Paton, Kohl Tyler-Dun-shea, Richard Darbyshire & Rosie Parsonson, Sheryl Koegh, Strahan Clarke, and Tony Lane.

All of the works used in ‘Trace.’ are either on paper or ceramic. The title loosely refers to the innate nature of mark making and leaving a trace as well as the history and traces of memo-ry that the earth, or clay, holds.

Alma and Strahan both consistently explore their art practices through the use of both paper and ceramic mediums. Alma’s works are drawn with fine pigment liner on paper or using her characteristic blue under glaze on ceramic. The illustrations on paper and on her ceramics are figurative with a focus on the natural world. Strahan, on the other hand, uses repeating, geometric shapes to achieve an overall sense of quietness within his forms both in clay and on paper, regardless of number, functionality or surface decoration.

Sheryl’s ceramics provide an organic and vis-ceral element to the show. She allows the innate materiality and tactility of clay to shine through in her organic pieces. Kohl and Emma work predominantly on paper. Kohl’s watercolours have an ecological focus. She works mostly from pressed plants in a style that appears effortless, yet requires immense skill, patience and understanding of both the essence of the plants she captures as well as the medium she works with. Emma’s works tend to be small in scale and highly detailed. They hold a delicate balance between simplicity and complexity and reference weaving patterns in their composition.

Richard and Rosie are a collaborative power-house. Powerful and painterly, dripping and oozing sensuous colour the Swan vase is a prod-uct of their synergy.

‘Trace.’ will also feature a preview of Tony Lane’s latest work from an upcoming exhibition of his ceramic work, collaborating with master ceramicist Pere Coll while in Mallorca, Spain. Curator - Jemma Giorza

(Image: 'Bouquet', by  Kohl Tyler- Dunshea. Watercolour on paper. 2017)