'A Shift' Opening

Jul 6 2013

'A Shift' successfully opened Thursday evening with a sizeable crowd enjoying a drink and a chat around the impressive and innovative new work by Jill McIntosh.

The abstract painted forms are created in a complex process where oil paint is dispersed on the surface of a plane of water, drawn through, cured, and shifted to canvas. The many shifts that occur in this process and the fluid form bring to the fore ideas of flux and formlessness that drive much of McIntosh's current work. 

See an abstract of the press release here or to read it in full follow this link: A Shift

'Jill McIntosh’s paintings are chemical dispersals of oil acting against sticky water. When combined with the suspension of solid paint particles they create a fluidly chromatic surface. The paint in the water is active through its reaction causing saturation and solubility. The surface Jill works on is a single pool of water. It is formless. It operates on the horizontal. The bath form of the human body that lingers in the works is a vacant human echo, not the subject. The process of making amorphous, disassemblies of paint is her intention. When the paint disperses into the water, the viscous, sticky nature spreads the paint both towards and against itself; it records this movement on its surface whilst resisting form. McIntosh draws through the paint, directing the flowing colour. The painted surface works against verticality then it is shifted to this plane, becoming dislocated, incoherent and disunited.'