Tony Lane and Art Week

Oct 5 2013

We've got a lot on show for Art Week, one of which is new work by Tony Lane in our second room. This latest work, such as Persian Garden detail shown below, reminded us about some words on Lane by Dick Frizzell, from his recent book Dick Frizzell: The Painter.

"Tony's had an interesting career, ticking along okay with his elongated stigmata when, almost overnight it seemed, he invented the look he ultimately became known for. The pearls, the teardrops, the Giotto-esque deployment of space, the burnished surfaces and the gold leaf.

Pretty sexy stuff, and combined with the elaborate frames folding into themsleves and extending the painting outwards from the support, they make for an intensely singular experience in the unfashionably lambent. A sort of secular religiosity hovering on the edge of the mystic. Bit like Giotto, actually, pulling heaven down to earth without muddying the holy water."

See more on Tony here.