'Tony Lane: a painter of icons' Review by John Daly-Peoples

Jul 25 2015

Over on the National Business Review we've recieved an insightful review by John Daly-Peoples. Here's an short excterpt; you can read the rest here. 'Facts & Fictions' has been extended to Wednesday July 29 so there's still time to come check it out!

"His latest exhibition, Facts and Fiction, features paintings that look like early Christian and Byzantine artworks, in an attempt to understand the way in which artists convey ideas about space, time and the power of images within a framework of religion and biblical imagery.

While his art seems rooted in the Trecento (14th century) and earlier, he also builds on the abstract artists of the early 20th century and some of the important late 20th century artists, such as Anselm Kiefer.

The paintings, which are on traditional gesso panels, are overlaid with schlagmetal, an imitation gold leaf which looks like burnished metal, shimmering with elements of copper, gold and silver. This links the works to the distressed frescos and paintings of old European and Byzantine churches where elements of the architecture or traces of previous paintings show through the more recent paintings. In these paintings he discovers and reworks the ideas which those early artists dealt with – the nature of pictorial space, spatial light, simple perspective and use of symbolism.

Hs use of symbols gives hints of narrative and connections with the older art forms but they also provide links to contemporary thinking. His use of the stigmata shape could be confused with that of a space ship, waka and DNA strands."