Tony Lane Talk

Feb 20 2014

During March, St Luke’s Community Centre is hosting three talks around the theme of Spirituality and Art. Black Asterisk artist Tony Lane will be presenting one of these talks, posing the question ‘Is Art Inherently Religious?’.

Tony states, “Based on my own paintings and my experience of looking at paintings and sculpture, my talk will explore the links between art and religion and what makes ‘religious art’. In my perception, some works of art are imbued with an aesthetic that comes very close to a religious experience without containing any obvious religious or theological references and conversely, many paintings illustrating religious events seem quite profane.”

The three talks will be held on consecutive weeks, beginning with Mary Kisler’s discussion of ‘Engaging Sacred Art in Cities’ on March 5th. The following week, March 12th, will be Tony Lane and TJ McNamara will then delve into ‘The Great War and its Effect on the Spiritual in Art’ in week three, March 19th.

These will be held at The Community of Saint Luke, 130 Remuera Road, Remuera between 7.30 pm – 9.00pm. Each talk is $10.00, with tea and coffee provided.

For more information visit or email