Latest news

Aug 11 2016
Laura Williams has been featured in a double page interview with Anabela Rea in last week’s Sunday Star Times “Inspire” magazine. The conversation glides between her home life and painting studio, from 60s floral curtains to Gainsborough. It’s not often that we get to peek into the world that foregrounds an artist’s practice.
Jul 28 2016
We've been gearing up for our upcoming exhibition 'Flash Cars', a collection of works dating from 1974 to 1981 by local photographer Murray Cammick.
Sep 19 2015
Throughout late June and July of 2015 Black Asterisk hosted Tony Lane’s exhibition Facts & Fictions. This latest collection of paintings was much anticipated, the first full exhibition at the Asterisk since his first in 2013. Lane’s work is characteristically rich in layers of gesso, oil paint, gold leaf and lacquers - supporting a wealth of equally layered meanings.
Aug 15 2015
We have some exciting news to share this week as four of our represented artists have been selected for several national awards. Black Asterisk is very well represented in the Wallace Art Awards this year by both Ewan McDougall and Gary Freemantle, whose work has recently joined us at the Asterisk.
Jul 25 2015
Over on the National Business Review we've recieved an insightful review by John Daly-Peoples. Here's an short excterpt; you can read the rest here. 'Facts & Fictions' has been extended to Wednesday July 29 so there's still time to come check it out!
Jul 2 2015
Over on Facebook we're putting a photo collection together of Black Asterisk art as it is in other places, homes and lives. As seen in magazines, advertisements or just sent in, whether in the dynamics of the domestic setting or the commercial space - it's nice to check in on our art outside of the gallery.
Jun 11 2015
Black Asterisk is delighted to announce the return of Tony Lane with the exhibition ‘Facts & Fictions’. Join us at 6.30pm, Thursday June 25 as we celebrate the release of his latest collection of paintings.
Apr 18 2015
Black Asterisk is looking forward to a big night this Thursday. Join us for the double opening of Michael Springer’s Auckland debut, ‘The Un-Naming of the Beasts’, as well as Laura Williams’ latest show, ‘Up Pompeii’.
Mar 5 2015
Big news from the Bay of Plenty, Ewan McDougall's exhibition 'Fun and Fury' opened on Thursday 26th February at the Tauranga Art Gallery accompanied by a showing of the new film on Ewan 'Man Alive'.
Feb 27 2015
Coming to the gallery Saturday 6.30pm, March 14, is the inaugural ‘Black Asterisk Festival of Photography’, otherwise known as ‘B.A.F.O.P’. Photography has always been popular at B.A, so it is high time we consolidate this interest and throw a festival which we hope will continue as an annual event.