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Mar 5 2015
Big news from the Bay of Plenty, Ewan McDougall's exhibition 'Fun and Fury' opened on Thursday 26th February at the Tauranga Art Gallery accompanied by a showing of the new film on Ewan 'Man Alive'.
Feb 27 2015
Coming to the gallery Saturday 6.30pm, March 14, is the inaugural ‘Black Asterisk Festival of Photography’, otherwise known as ‘B.A.F.O.P’. Photography has always been popular at B.A, so it is high time we consolidate this interest and throw a festival which we hope will continue as an annual event.
Dec 16 2014
Our last exhibition of the year, The Xmas Show will feature works by Prue MacDougall, Ann Braunsteiner, Chris Moore, Emma Bass, Tony Lane, Ekarasa Doblanovic and Beverly Rhodes. The exhibition will be on show from December 11th and the big celebration/Christmas party will be at 6.30pm Thursday December 18th.
Nov 13 2014
This week we welcome Beverly Rhodes back to Black Asterisk with her new show ‘Holding On and Letting Go’. The opening kicks off at 6:30pm November 13, coinciding with the opening of the annual event Art in the Dark, held just across the road at Western Park.
Oct 1 2014
Artweek begins in just a few more sleeps, starting next week October 10 – 19. Here at the gallery we are getting ourselves ready. On October 9 at 6.30pm we will be opening no fewer than three exhibitions. Celebrated arts writer and commentator Hamish Keith will be in as a guest speaker, giving an introduction to Tony Lane’s exhibition.
Sep 4 2014
For Artweek 2014 we are presenting a single work by Tony Lane in our main room. At nearly 10 metres long, In Time Like Glass is a good fit for the category of 'very large New Zealand paintings' and only just fits in the gallery.
Jul 29 2014
PQ Blackwell and Black Asterisk are delighted to collaborate with award-winning photographer Emma Bass on Imperfect, the first example of the new photographer monograph format developed by photography publisher PQ Blackwell.
Jul 2 2014
We’ve had some fun snapping Jane Simcock’s models as they’ve come by. While the main ideas to Jane Simcock's paintings are transposed from all sorts of places, Jane always uses models to help with characteristics, like faces, hands and pose. We love how this process brings a cohesion to her show, a real warmth and soul.
Jun 14 2014
Our cameras have arrived. Or rather, YOUR cameras. We’re looking to make our opening snaps even more interesting. Next Friday, for Laura William’s opening and Friday Drinks on Friday June 20, you’re taking the photos. We’ll be handing out a bunch of film cameras and processing the results. Please keep the silly faces to a minimum.
May 31 2014
Miriam Cameron's show 'Where Is My Home" is now on until 4 June. In the words of art writer Denys Trussell "her work is a moral construction that identifies the powerless, the dispossessed, the alienated, both in New Zealand and her ancestral Scotland.