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Mar 1 2014
As the summer season reluctantly packs up its bucket and spade, the season for art begins in earnest and, hopefully, excitement. Black Asterisk certainly has an exciting year ahead with new artists, new projects with our select group of regular artists and new plans.
Feb 20 2014
During March, St Luke’s Community Centre is hosting three talks around the theme of Spirituality and Art. Black Asterisk artist Tony Lane will be presenting one of these talks, posing the question ‘Is Art Inherently Religious?’.
Dec 20 2013
'Tis the season to be jolly, and also a time to check out some great artwork. Black Asterisk is breaking out some favourites - old, new and upcoming - to cheer about. Work from our regular artists and others will be on show here from Tuesday 17 December until our official closing on Saturday 21 December, and then by appointment for the remaining days of December.
Oct 11 2013
'A Curious Translation' has opened to help us celebrate the art packed 10 days that is Art Week, and continues the rest of the month in our back room. A piece on Prue MacDougall's work from the journal Social Alternatives explained her prints operate like a stage "setting a scene that reflects her real life experience and exploring the dynamics of human relationships.
Oct 5 2013
We've got a lot on show for Art Week, one of which is new work by Tony Lane in our second room. This latest work, such as Persian Garden detail shown below, reminded us about some words on Lane by Dick Frizzell, from his recent book Dick Frizzell: The Painter.
Sep 21 2013
Nearly two years on and Black Asterisk is expanding. Having five dynamic, individual spaces is no longer enough to show off our bourgeoning selection of art. So, we’re creating a new space, a display area directly on view to the bustle of Ponsonby Road. And, inspired by simple mathematical calculations, we’re naming it Room Six.
Aug 20 2013
September 1 marks the Black Asterisk second birthday at 10 Ponsonby Road and we’re putting on our party hats to celebrate.
Maniera - Head Study
Aug 14 2013
“Erasure and obfuscation. Not very encouraging terms to apply to cultural activity – yet numerous great artists have employed these devices, from the chiaroscuro of the old masters, through Goya’s black paintings, Redon’s lithographs, Bacon’s smeared images, Larry Rivers’ paintings to Rauschenburg’s famous erased De Kooning drawing.
The Wilderness by Tony Lane
Aug 13 2013
“Lane’s practice, like his favoured symbols of infinity, frequently comes back upon its own nature. Over the last decade he has established a personal image bank of motifs that are recycled and transformed from image to image, appearing in new combinations.
Jul 12 2013
Carolyn Milbank is an artist who develops ideas through a sculptural practice using a diverse range of media; resin, wax, plaster, wood, slip cast clay, fabric, paper, photography and drawing. We have a small selection of her resin and cast porcelain works here at the gallery now, such as Retreat pictured below.