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Jul 6 2013
'A Shift' successfully opened Thursday evening with a sizeable crowd enjoying a drink and a chat around the impressive and innovative new work by Jill McIntosh.
Jun 12 2013
This just in, new work by Tony Lane. Currently upstairs at the gallery we have two new pieces by Tony, they'll be appearing in the next instalment of The General Sales. We also have some work from Tony's show in March ‘We Must Inhabit This Place’. Tony is currently finishing up pieces for an exhibition in Spain, which we hope to preview here at Black Asterisk in August.
Jun 1 2013
After 21 months of running 7 days a week, we're no longer open on a Sunday. (And we're closed this Monday Queen's Birthday, and most other public holidays)
May 27 2013
To celebrate this year's Auckland Festival of Photography Black Asterisk is staging a small photography exhibition in the main room. The works within The Natural Selection are connected through the theme of nature, with contributions from five photographers associated with the gallery. Tammy Williams' fearsome handprint 'Et Tu Brutus?' is shown below.
May 15 2013
Hannah Kidd is having an exhibition in the Milford gallery all the way down Dunedin. If you'd rather check out her works in the balmy sub-tropical comfort of Auckland, we have a couple of them here, including 'Fawn' shown below. But only for a strictly limited time...
May 7 2013
Jim Gaunt’s paintings are made up of collection of narrative elements taken from his own experience, or as he terms it ‘looking out on the world from Franklin Road’.
May 2 2013
Napier based artist Lex Benson-Cooper is now showing at Black Asterisk. Benson-Cooper’s works jump from, and incorporate, different elements of expressionism, abstraction, and surrealism yet are grounded by a consistent figurative presence. They are experimental, playful, and witty drawing inspiration from mediums such as television, poetry and cinema.
May 1 2013
This Thursday May 2 we're open right up until bedtime as part the First Thursdays festival.
Apr 29 2013
A nice mention in the Herald on Saturday for the Emma Bass show. More information.
Apr 28 2013
Black Asterisk is pleased to announce a small exhibition by Victoria James, direct from her recent graduation show at Whitecliffe.